Why We need Measure X

A YES vote on Measure X will ensure the county can effectively regulate Cannabis businesses, provide for public health, and expand proven programs for our children.

Measure X Funding Breakdown

This special tax is not an additional tax Cannabis businesses pay. This measure designates the money will go into these two buckets.

50% of the revenue raised...

…will be used to fund public health,
homeless mitigation,
and enforcement of cannabis codes and statutes.


50% of the revenue raised...

…will be directed to programming that benefits children and youth (home visitation, preschool, childhood literacy programs, after-school programs), and drug programs with special emphasis on children in neighborhoods and populations with the most disparities.

Why this time is different!

A Second Shot!

Measure X is a reboot of Measure B. Why we believe we can see it across the finish line this time…

  • #1 No organized opposition
  • #2 Higher budget to start – help us grow our resources!
  • #3 We are working with experienced partners who are highly successful in both kids and Cannabis campaigns.
  • #4 Much higher voter turnout expected this year with voters who are very likely to vote yes on Measure X.

3 things to remember

Cannabis is already legal and Measure X will ensure the industry pays a fair share.

Measure X will bring more jobs to the county.

Measure X will fund much needed programs for our children and youth.

Join Us In Supporting San Joaquin County Kids!

Why you should join us!

Now more than ever we need to ensure that our children and youth have the resources they need to thrive. This new revenue is an opportunity to expand proven programs for children and youth that have seen significant cuts through the years and due the impacts of Covid 19 our community may be looking at even more cuts to desperately needed programs.

What happens if the tax doesn’t pass?

Taxpayers like you will be covering the impacts of prop 64 and we will miss the opportunity to fund vital programs that help our kids. However, Cannabis businesses will begin opening without any revenue to offset impacts to our community. annabis is here to stay. Measure X will ensure Cannabis business pay a fair share AND that this new revenue funds desperately needed programs for our kids. 

Cannabis is here.

Let’s make sure Cannabis pays a fair share
and the money gets to kids.

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