Community Connectors Resource Fair

I’m sorry to let you know but we will be rescheduling the Community Connectors Resource Fair scheduled for Monday January 10th due to the significant likelihood that one of our main target audiences, school district staff, will not be able to attend. I reached out to several contacts at various school districts and confirmed that schools are focused on maintaining appropriate staffing levels due to impacts from Covid and don’t expect to be able to be able to spare staff to attend an optional event. Interest is high but timing has turned out to be bad. It is always our priority to ensure we are respectful of everyone’s time and there is significant evidence that in the end our vendors would spend a lot of time preparing and attending to make limited connections.  
Mark your calendars now for the next Community Connecters Resource Fair on April 25th!   
Please forward this email to colleagues and school district contacts to ensure everyone is aware of the event being rescheduled.