211 is Helping

Getting Help Through 211

Inspire & Hope

Have you heard of 211 of San Joaquin County? 211 exists to make it easier for residents of San Joaquin County to find the help they need. Simply pick up the phone and dial 211 to be connected to an operator who can help you find a food pantry, housing assistance, help in a crisis, veterans assistance or other services. We are inspired by the tremendous support 211 has provided to residents during the pandemic!

Over the course of the pandemic 211 has been critical in helping connect individuals to an appointment for a Covid 19 vaccine. They helped around 30,000 seniors register for their appointments with each call lasting between 15-25 minutes! An average 211 call takes about 7-8 minutes. 211 is a critical partner in our community! We hope they have the ability in the coming years to expand their marketing outreach to ensure every resident knows help is just a phone call away!

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