June 2022 Proposal to the Board of Supervisors

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The County Board of Supervisors has $74 million dollars to relieve impacts from the pandemic.
Help us ensure kids needs are met!

Did you know...

That San Joaquin County received $74 million dollars in May of 2021 and will receive $74 million more this month from the federal government to address the impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic? We need your help to ensure these funds help kids effected by the Covid 19 pandemic. 

With just 11% of the $74 million the county is receiving the Board of Supervisors could make meaningful and impactful decisions for our children and families!
Convened by the County Board of Supervisors

The Children Youth & Task Force

has been meeting since September to examine the impacts of the pandemic on children and youth.  This group has broad participation from leaders in education, the medical community, mental health community, and nonprofits from across the county. 

After nine months of collaborating the task force will bring five proposals (listed below) before the board focused on a few key areas.
Survey's prove the Community Agrees

In investing in our children!

A survey of registered voters from across the county was distributed asking who they felt was most impacted by the pandemic and how they believed this money should be invested.  The results confirmed that the public believes that children and youth are one of the most impacted groups and 93% supported directing the funding to relieve the impacts to children. 


Our Five Proposals to the County Board of Supervisors

211 San Joaquin

$2 million

To expand marketing and outreach to high-risk communities so they are aware of the resources available to help them. 

Youth Awareness Campaign


Funding to engage youth in order to strengthen pathways to the workforce through awareness and education campaigns. Youth led and community driven this campaign will focus on connecting more youth to the many workforce development programs available across the county and the skills needed to be hired.

Mental Health Workforce

$5 million

To remove barriers and incentivize more individuals to earn their masters level degree in mental health fields in order to address the massive shortage of clinicians available to deliver needed mental health programs for our children and their families.

Neglected Children’s Fund


To address needs of our highest risk kids and foster kids by providing them access to much needed extra curricular activities and connecting them to mentors.

Community Grant Fund


Distributed to the community-based organizations in small grants to host events. These events are focused on re-connecting our residents to their communities and resources available to address the lower-level depression and anxiety many parents and families are struggling with due to the pandemic. 

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